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about us

about us

Brazil Steakhouse is a small family-owned company specializing in meat and strategically located on the border of three countries: Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, on a busy highway, the B96. Neusalza-Spremberg is served by this highway and the A4 motorway is 20 km from the city of Bautzen. The city is located in the southeast of the Oberlausitzer Berglandes.

In addition, a 15-room hotel is available to accommodate travelers looking for leisure and tourism in the region, or just those who drive to work.

In addition, a coffee and a roasting are carried out, which are associated with the brand "" Café vom Dorff "" of Brazilian origin .

The purpose of the enterprise is also to promote the integration of the inhabitants of Brazil in these three countries, with the Brazilian barbecue and the atmosphere of fraternization, the main attractions, but with the whole culture of our country in the background, mainly the  music (Samba , Bossa nova, etc.), movies and television program, sports (football, volleyball, etc.), also the availability of products of Brazilian cuisine that are rarely found outside the country, such as açai, tropical fruits, black beans, feijoada, Manioc flour, cheese bread, guarana and above all our coffee that has conquered the world, as well as many other Brazilian delicacies.

Finally, the area in Saxony will be a meeting point for Brazilians outside Brazil to review the patricians and make new friends, to minimize a little the nostalgia of our country and create a place where Brazilians and tourists expect leisure and good food and know Neusalza -Spremberg and region, developing tourism and local economy.





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Our restaurant is open for you on the following days:


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We serve from 7 to 10 

only 8 Euro per person
               daily room cleaning
We clean your room every day during your stay
Free Wifi



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